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Machu Picchu Day Trip Packing List

What to Wear to Machu Picchu Day Trip? – Traveling Machu Picchu and hiking the famous Inca Trail is on many travelers’s bucket lists. This beautiful and historic citadel is located high in the Andes Mountains in Peru and provides some of the most stunning landscapes you’ll ever see. When exploring this citadel, however, you should make sure you’re properly prepared with essential supplies to make your trip a memorable vacation.

Suitable Footwear

Machu Picchu citadel is high in the mountains, which mean you should be prepared to be walking on uneven terrain with varying levels of incline. It’s best to wear quality trekking boots or trainers that can support different levels of activity while keeping you comfortable for extended periods of time (The walking tour in Machu Picchu lasts 2 hours). What to Wear to Machu Picchu Day Trip from Cusco?.

Light Breathable Clothing

Important detail to know about Cusco is that it has a very humid climate. When taking a Machu Picchu day trip, don’t be surprised to break a sweat even though you are at a higher elevation. To stay cool and dry, wear breathable clothing that keeps you comfortable with the temperature outside. In most cases, it’s better to wear light layers of clothing that you can take on and off as needed. Specially for Aguas Calientes town which is lower than Machu Picchu citadel.

Sun Protection

Machu Picchu is at 2400 m that at higher elevations, travelers are exposed to much more sunlight than you might be used to. Due to this fact, make sure you pack plenty of sunscreens and protective eyewear. This will ensure you enjoy your Machu Picchu vacation without sunburn


Think in a small backpack while planning your Machu Picchu day trip packing is nearly non-negotiable. You’ll be walking and climbing for extended periods of time; and making sure you have snacks, water bottle and of course your camera supplies are very necessary. With that in mind, get a backpack that gives you the storage capacity you need without the extra weight of heavy fabrics. Even a small carrying case can be suitable so long as you stick to only bringing the essentials.


No Passport, no Machu Picchu! The most important thing, you definitely need your Passport to visit Machu Picchu. There are no exceptions to this rule and you will need to make sure your Passport and other standard forms of identification are available when you check. If you forget everything else on this checklist, don’t forget your passport.

Bug Spray

Along the year mosquitos wait you in Machu Picchu. Therefore, bug spray with deet – can keep you itch-free and provide you with spray-on protection from bugs and gnats as you explore the high jungle where Machu Picchu is?. They can be particularly bothersome, and even if you aren’t usually bugged, you may still want to bring some just in case. It would be a shame to have your trip interrupted by the constant pestering of the local insect population!. The bugs bite in Machu Picchu don’t cause you malaria, dengue or yellow fever just bother.

Machu Picchu is a wonder to behold and you’ll not regret your visit. By ensuring you’re prepared with these essential supplies, you will make the most of your Machu Picchu trip and have memories that will last a lifetime. To learn more about what you need for Machu Picchu day trip packing, get in touch with Lares Trip. Lares Trip is a Peruvian travel operator with a main office in located in Cusco, Peru, and we are the top-rated tour operators of the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu Tours.